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Fear of the Unknown Justified or Not?

I’ve  always been a science fiction fan and none too discriminating in my tastes, which range from the classic Star Trek to the edgy Babylon 5 and the preposterous StarGate series. Now a NASA study suggests humankind might not rush … Continue reading

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Is balance a smarter goal than growth?

Vigorous growth is today considered synonymous with economic health but ecological economist Richard Norgaard of UC Berkeley say a life-work balance may be a better goal. Crazy? Perhaps. But so is the fact that Communist China is the world’s most … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley imports students like coal

We live in a knowledge economy. Good jobs require college degrees. So why is UC Berkeley now enrolling nearly one-in-four students from out-of-state? As the SF Chronicle explains , non-residents pay higher tuition. Between budget cuts in Sacramento and institutional … Continue reading

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Soap bubbles and the Zynga IPO

Zynga is a San Francisco firm that has prospered (says NYTimes) by selling digital items, like tractors, to players of its online  games like FarmVille. Less substantial than soap bubbles, its products are more in tune with the times than … Continue reading

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