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Can manufacturing return to U.S., California?

The rise of Chinese manufacturing has defined the past decade but are conditions now ripe for a revival of made-in-America? Possibly, for low-volume, high-ticket goods made in low-cost states,  says a Boston Consulting Group report.  But my beloved California will … Continue reading

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The Theology of the Minimum Wage

During my newspaper career I covered technology, biotechnology and other mind-expanding fields, but economics proved my most challenging beat. Behind a shroud of statistics, economists argued views that could not be proven but which nevertheless influenced lives and fortunes. One … Continue reading

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Guns, no, political efficacy, yes

A study of attitudes toward militancy among poor Pakistanis rediscovers what should have been obvious — with disastrous consequences for misguiding U.S. foreign policy. The study said that poor Pakistanis opposed violent tactics like car bombings and that  extremist leaders … Continue reading

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