Writing as a vocation

I can’t recall a time when I didn’t write, or enjoy reading, learning, thinking and debating. Blame it on my upbringing. As the oldest of six children in a second-generation immigrant family, I learned debating at the dinner table. The public library was my playground and to this day I’m hungry for ideas, and have an unusual appetite for concepts that might be considered alien to a person of my age, class and gender.

My interests will become apparent over time. But I promise even now, as I launch this site before I’m really ready, that I’ll follow my instincts and interests; ¬†avoid gossip and rely on facts; write with verve and irony; look for images and icons to tickle different parts of the brain; and generally do what little I can to make sense of this complex world in which we work, love and live.

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2 Responses to Writing as a vocation

  1. Tina Nocera says:

    If you recall your Brooklyn days, we would toss money in a new car to wish someone well on a safe journey.

    The advances in technology have been terrific, but I don’t see a place to leave coins. Instead I leave you a note to wish you well on this new journey.

    All the best to my big brother!

  2. Margarita Miranda-Abate says:

    Hmm. Can’t wait to see what we will discover. Perhaps this could lead to a book? Always curious about your thoughts Tom.

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