The Tomline

3 Responses to The Tomline

  1. Richard Holden says:

    Hi Tom,
    I heard from Deanne that you moved back to the ‘woods to return to the NCJ. Hope everything is going well up north. We miss your writing and incisive economic analysis…Really! Feel free to pester us for economic information and plug in your new venue. Best regards, Richard

  2. Cindy Watter says:

    Tom, give us a call when you can.

    Great scrapbook–it brings back some memories.

    Cindy & Neil

  3. Joseph Cempa says:

    Dear Tom:
    Hey Maestro, how are you?? My betrothed Vernadene was looking for some of the old articles that once bared my name from day’s past and she came across this. Cool. I knew of your Naval past, but never knew you were that close to involvement with Nam. Tom, it is an honor to have mention in this really wonderful history of yours.
    If it was not for you giving me the title of “Editor,” back at CR for the newspaper I doubt I would of ever gotten into journalism. I hope all is well for you man, we–my daughter and I–are still in Oklahoma, I have actually returned to school and have almost achieved an AA degree in Library Management; me, a freaking’ librarian! Not a bad gig, beats remodeling houses. But I have started writing fiction quite abit of late, I managed to pull off an A+ in English Comp. II which was a miracle–very hard class out here. So my ultimate goal is to become as “successful” as I was as a conveyor of news reportage’ in the realm of fiction. Any Suggestions?? Hope you get this man, hope you can even get back to me sometime…
    Be well my friend,